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I would like to introduce a golf training aid that has the potential to change the way instructors and students teach and learn the game of golf. This incredible golf instruction tool is called "The Grass Whip", and has been utilized and praised by legendary golf teachers Bill Mehlhorn and Harvey Penick during their teaching careers. The grass whip has a long history, it started back in the 1920's, when Harvey Penick and his good friend Bill Mehlhorn, were sent some grass whips. Instead of me telling you, let me share the chapter from Harvey Penick's Little Red Book Pg. 85 "The Weed Cutter".


"Of all the thousands of swing-training aids and gimmicks I have seen, the best is one you can buy at the hardware store if you don't already have it in your garage. It is the common weed cutter. Many years ago Victor East, the genius behind Spalding clubs, sent six weed cutters to me and six to Wild Bill Mehlhorn, who was teaching at a club in Florida.

A few weeks later Mehlhorn sent his weed cutters back to Victor with a note that said, "These things are ruining my business. Students who use them don't need me anymore". The motion you make lopping off dandelions with your weed cutter is the perfect action of swinging a golf club through the hitting area. Furthermore, the weed cutter is heavy and builds golf muscles. While you are swinging the weed cutter, pretend you are being paid by the hour, not by the job.

In other words, take your time."

So now you know where it started, but here is a very interesting point, Mehlhorn didn't send them back and continued using them with his students. In fact, in one of Bill's videos, lost in time, he opens by saying "If you want to learn the golf swing get yourself a grass whip". 

Our research and design team has spent countless hours building the perfect grass whip that we proudly introduce to you. This tool is used by simply swinging the instrument in a grassy field while gently trimming the top of the grass, again and again.

Golf instruction is uniquely fit into a landscape that is filled with innovative ideas born through technology, radars, 3D motion, and scientific ratios. What if there existed a tool that guarantees better "smash factor", "attack angle", "face angle", and "club path"?


We can guarantee the grass whip will improve all of these numbers with proper utilization and just a few minutes of practice before play.

The grass whip is incredibly effective because it teaches golfers how to naturally swing a golf club while coordinating the swinging action of the arms and pivot support of their body. The student also begins to understand the importance of balance and pressure as their body begins to prep itself for the resistance of the grass. Any successful golf instructor would agree, these are the building blocks and the inherent challenges of learning and teaching a very difficult sport. Fortunately, this training tool is the most effective device on the market and can teach these feels in a very simplistic manner. 


Mission statement And Guarantee

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